The Visitors Guide to Santa Fe Springs

Santa Fe Springs is a unique City with a variety of services and amenities available to its residential and business communities. It is home to 3,000 businesses with an unmatched blend of businesses and residents. It is a planned community with 90% of its land designated for commercial and industrial use, making Santa Fe Springs a thriving industrial environment.

The City has nearly 100 acres of recreation space, 19 park sites, and miles of green belts and parkways, which provide a pleasant environment for its 18,000 residents and 95,000 business residents.

Santa Fe Springs is a service-oriented community whose mission is to continually improve the quality of life in the City; foster public trust; provide a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment; encourage personal enrichment; serve the public in a responsive and courteous manner; and promote social harmony in all aspects of community life. The City welcomes you to become acquainted with its program and facilities.

City Facilities

City Parks

Gus Velasco Neighborhood Center

Historical Points of Interest

Santa Fe Springs Library