Blue Star Banner Program Updated: Apr 5, 2022

The City of Santa Fe Springs honors the men and women of Santa Fe Springs who are currently serving in the Armed Services, through the "Blue Star" Service Banner Program.

This program dates back to a tradition that began in World War I and carried on through World War II. The Blue Star Flag first appeared in 1917, when an Army captain who had two sons serving on the front line designed it as a tribute to their dedication and service to their Country. The flag quickly became the unofficial symbol of a child in the service. The flags gained widespread use during World War II, when nearly every U.S. home or organization displayed the banner to honor those who served. Each Blue Star on the flag indicates a family member in the service.
The color blue on the flag is meant to represent hope and pride. The City also sees the flags as a symbol of the great unity that our community has in supporting the brave and courageous men and women of Santa Fe Springs who are serving their country and community with honor and distinction.

To be eligible to receive a Blue Star Flag, the serviceman or servicewoman must be currently deployed and their parent(s) and/or spouse must currently reside in Santa Fe Springs. If you are the parent(s) or spouse of a Santa Fe Springs serviceman or woman and would like to receive a Blue Star Flag, please complete the form below and return it to City Hall. Forms can be mailed to:

City of Santa Fe Springs
Attn: Blue Star Program
11710 Telegraph Road
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

For additional information regarding the City's Blue Star Service Banner Program, please call City Hall at 868-0511, ext. 7510. 

Blue Star Service Banner Application