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Important Facts About The Source Of Your Water

Facts about where your water comes from

The recent article in the Whittier Daily News regarding the City’s water quality made reference to Water Production Wells that are contaminated with water influenced by the Omega Plume.  The City has provided the newspaper with clarification regarding the City’s water quality.  The Whittier Daily News article failed to mention that the Water Production Wells mentioned in the article have not pumped water into the City’s Water Distribution System utilized for public consumption.  To ensure protection for the public, the Wells were taken out of service by City Water staff while the water quality was well within acceptable levels.

The two alternate sources of water that have supplied the City’s Water Distribution System since 2012 have always met or exceeded the State Water Quality Levels. These two supply sources come from an interconnect with the City of Whittier, and imported surface water from the Metropolitan Water District. 

Facts regarding the City’s Water Production Wells:

• Well no. 4 was destroyed in 2014 and has not pumped water in the City’s Water Distribution System since 1984.  This was a direct result of high water temperature, not the Omega Plume.

• Well no. 1 was destroyed in 2017 but was shut off in 2012 while the water quality was within acceptable levels.

• Well No. 12, the new Water Production Well, has never pumped water into the City’s Water Distribution System. 

If you have any further water quality questions or concerns please feel free to call City Hall at
562-868-0511, Ext. 7568.  The City’s Water Quality Report can be found here