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Koontz General Store, c. 1885 

We are proud of our local history and wish to share it with you. Histories of the area are available through several publications, including our most recent Images of America: Santa Fe Springs, available for purchase at the Santa Fe Springs City Library, Heritage Park, and through your local booksellers.

The following is not intended to be a written history of the development of the City of Santa Fe Springs, but merely a guide to its development in order to gain some perspective of the past. The majority of the material described below has been extracted from newsletter articles written by former Santa Fe Springs Cultural Arts Administrator Margaret Hammon. Additional material has been derived from other sources which are listed in the reference section.

  Volume 1: How We Lost Our Lake and Found Our Town

  Volume 2: A Story of Bad Timing – The Tongva Arrive in Santa Fe Springs, the Europeans Get Bronze Tools

  Volume 3: A Perfect Place to Live: Santa Fe Springs, 2000 B.C.E.

  Volume 4: The Encounter: The Tongva Meet the Spanish

  Volume 5: Spain Rules California

  Volume 6: Governor Fages Gives Santa Fe Springs to his Army Buddy

  Volume 7: California – A Prize Worth Taking

  Volume 8: Los Angeles Recovers With a Little Help from a Big Railroad

  Volume 9: His Story Got Buried With Him: Eli Hawkins: A Santa Fe Springs Founding Father

  Volume 10: From Rotten Eggs to Black Gold: The Oil Boom Arrives

  Volume 11: Methodists Leave Town; Santa Fe Springs Overrun by Sinners!

  Volume 12: “I Will Never Forget the Fires”

  Volume 13: Residents Once Outnumbered by Oil Wells Create a Special City