Overdue Fines

A fine will be charged for each item that is not returned by its due date. The Santa Fe Springs City Library will attempt to notify you when your items are overdue.

Books, magazines, audiobooks, music CDs, and language CDs: 25¢ per day for each item

All DVDs: $1 per day for each item

Fines may be paid at the Santa Fe Springs City Library Checkout Desk. We accept cash and checks payable to the Santa Fe Springs City Library. Payment with credit cards is available through our self-checkout machines. Online payment is now available.

The Library uses the services of a collection agency for all fees and fines that have not been paid after 120 days.

Special Fees

Entertainment DVDs: $1 each title; 50¢ to request an entertainment DVD

Interlibrary Loan (ILL): $5 per title, plus any special postage or fee added by the lending institution

Library Card Replacement

If your card is lost or stolen, please notify the Santa Fe Springs City Library immediately by phone or by e-mail. A photo identification is needed to receive a replacement card.

Replacement for the first 3 cards: $1 each

Replacement for each successive card: $5 each

Lost or Damaged Items

If you have lost or damaged an item you will be responsible for paying a replacement fee. You will also be charged a processing fee. If the lost item is found and returned, you may be charged overdue fines that have accrued on the lost item not to exceed the cost of the item.