Public Works Updated: Apr 5, 2022

James Enriquez
James Enriquez P.E.
Director of Public Works

The City of Santa Fe Springs welcomes James Enriquez as the new Director of Public Works. Mr. Enriquez brings three decades of civil engineering and public works experience to the City of Santa Fe Springs, having previously served with the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works, the global engineering/infrastructure firm AECOM, and several cities as their Director of Public Works and City Engineer.

Mr. Enriquez graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering. Director Enriquez currently supervises a field staff responsible for the maintenance and operations of infrastructure including sewers, streets, sidewalks, alleys, parking lots, traffic controls, water, and other vital operations. He also oversees the design and construction of all capital improvement projects. Mr. Enriquez looks forward to serving the role as the Director of Public Works for the City of Santa Fe Springs, where he is eager to contribute his diverse expertise and leadership to enhance the community’s infrastructure and quality of life. 

Department of Public Works Mission Statement

We shall be part of the "City Team" to efficiently develop, construct, and maintain the City's infrastructure, parks, and facilities in a safe and environmentally sensitive manner for the enhancement of the residential and business communities. We shall be responsive to the changing needs of our City, and create an atmosphere that allows all employees to be innovative, to have pride in their work, professional growth, high self-esteem, and to be committed to excellence.

The Department is organized into the following areas of responsibility:

Administration provides general planning and management of the department including policy direction, long range planning and program evaluation.

Engineering Services Division is responsible for the design, construction and supervision of municipal improvements within the public right-of-way. This division also provides oversight of improvements completed in conjunctions with private developments and coordinates a variety of programs to ensure that City operations comply with County, State and Federal regulations.

Maintenance Services Division is responsible for the preservation and repair of the City infrastructure. The division also manages the operation and is comprised of five specific sections: streets, signals/street lighting, facilities and grounds, fleet, and water utility.

If you would like to obtain additional information about the Department of Public Works, please call (562) 868-0511, ext. 7540 or send an e-mail to Public Works Department.

The Santa Fe Springs Water Utility Authority is required to monitor your drinking water for specific contaminants on a regular basis. During 2019, we did not collect three of the required 30 lead and copper samples during the June 1 to September 30 monitoring period; three of the required lead and copper samples were collected in October 2019.  The collected samples show we are meeting drinking water standards.  The City was required to collect the next round of lead and copper tap samples during the months June through September in 2020. This second round of sampling showed again, that we are meeting drinking water standards. This sampling effort is required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the State of California, and is being accomplished through the cooperation of homeowners and residents. Unlike other contaminant monitoring, the samples for lead and copper testing must come from regularly used cold water taps inside customers’ homes.