Rapid Notify Updated: Apr 5, 2022

The City of Santa Fe Springs with the assistance of the Southeast Regional Community Awareness & Emergency Response (CAER) Association has added the Rapid Notify Program to its arsenal of tools to deal with an emergency or disaster situation. CAER is a chemical industry initiative to improve local emergency response planning by combining business emergency plans with the plans of local government for an integrated community emergency response plan. The Rapid Notify Program provides a unique telecommunications service to assist the residents and businesses of Santa Fe Springs by providing vital emergency information via telephone, internet or pager during and following an emergency.

How It Works
If there were a significant or threatening situation in the area of your home or business, City emergency officials would activate the American Emergency Network. Within seconds of the initial activation time businesses and residents would begin receiving phone calls from the American Emergency Network relaying vital emergency information such as:

"This is an emergency message from the City of Santa Fe Springs..."
"...there has been an accident involving hazardous materials near your home. Please follow these steps..."
"...there is a child missing in your neighborhood. He/She was last seen..."
"...proceed to the High School where a bus will pick you up..."
"...please tune to your local emergency broadcast station immediately for details..."

These examples show some of the types of emergency situations that this Network is designed to deal with.