General Plan Update Updated: Apr 5, 2022

What Is A General Plan?

A General Plan establishes the framework for analyzing and making decisions about new types of housing, businesses and jobs, a greater variety of places to shop and dine, City services, park improvements, reducing tra?c congestion, community health, and other factors that a?ect the quality of life in Santa Fe Springs.

Adoption of a General Plan fulfills the requirements of California Government Code Section 65300 et seq. requiring local preparation and adoption of General Plans.

The General Plan addresses seven mandatory elements of the California Government Code, which are Land Use, Circulation, Housing, Open Space, Conservation, Safety, and Noise.

Why Update The General Plan?

A General Plan is the link between the expressed values and visions of the community and the daily decision–making that affect the physical, social, environmental, and economic character of Santa Fe Springs. Over time the values and visions of a community may change and a General Plan must be able to adapt to such changes.

The Santa Fe Springs General Plan was last updated nearly 25 years ago. The rapid pace of change in how we shop and travel and how businesses do business— combined with the demand for housing of all varieties— requires that we anticipate future change and that we shape how our community responds. Community input will provide the foundation for a successful General Plan.

How Can You Get Involved?

City leaders want to hear from you about the most important issues to address and prioritize. Over the next twelve months, the General Plan team will host many activities and events — both virtual and in person— to provide opportunities for you to share your ideas.
Watch for updates on: 

  • City's Social Media
  • Online and In-Person Surveys
  • Future City Events


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