Building Plan Check Updated: Jun 17, 2024

Plan Check Submittal Process 


As of June 17, 2024, all plan submittals shall be through the City's plan acceptance portal. The plans/reports and supporting documents can be submitted through the City's Plan Acceptance Portal

Building Plans: A single pdf file of the complete set of plans to include architectural and structural, sheets. Please make sure the sheets are in order as per the sheet index, in horizontal direction, right side up and the file is “unlocked and unsecured”.

Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Plans: A separate single pdf file of the Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing plans when applicable shall be submitted separately. Please make sure the sheets are in order as per the sheet index, in horizontal direction, right side up and the file is “unlocked and unsecured”.

Supporting Documents: Each pdf file shall be clearly named (labeled) (i.e. 11710 Telegraph Road rack calculations). Any incomplete submittal packages not following these directions will not be accepted for screening and may cause further delays.


  1. Please submit a digital copy of the proposed plans via e-mail to: Plans may also be submitted via
  2. Within 2-3 business days, a project planner from the Community Development Department will be assigned to review the architectural plans for compliance with the City's Zoning Code.  
  3. The project planner will either provide the applicant with corrections or authorize the plans for submittal to the Building Department for plan check. If corrections are required, the applicant will need to revise the plans prior to submittal for Building Plan check. The typical turnaround for Community Development review is 1-2 weeks.
  4. Revisions must be resubmitted by e-mail. For rechecks, the revised plan check package, the original marked plan check package, and all corrections list must be resubmitted digitally.
  5. Before the plans are approved or otherwise authorized for plan check submittal by Community Development, the applicant will need to provide the project planner with a completed building permit application.
  6. Once the project planner has confirmed that the architectural plans comply with all applicable Zoning Code requirements, the project planner will then forward the proposed plans and completed building permit application to the Building Department for their review.

Note: If you are resubmitting plans for a project that is already in plan check, please make sure that it is clearly indicated. If you are already working with a planner, please make sure that you inform the building clerk who said planner is. 


  1. Submit plans and application to the City’s online Building and Safety Division Plan Submittal Portal.
  2. Once the plan check package is deemed complete, Building staff will process the application(s) and contact the applicant to obtain payment. Once payment is received, the applicant will be provided with an agency referral sheet, which advises the applicant on what other agency clearances are required prior to the issuance of any permits.
  3. If deemed necessary by the Building Department, additional plans must be submitted to various agencies, including the Department of Fire-Rescue at 11300 Greenstone Avenue, for Fire Plan check.
  4. Once all comments and corrections issued by the Building Department have been satisfied, the Building Department will provide their respective approval. If Planning has not already provided their approval on the plans, the project planner will provide an approval stamp following Building Department approval. 
  5. Once all required approvals have been obtained from the various departments and agencies, Building Department staff will contact the applicant to make arrangements for pulling permits.


To avoid the review of your plans as a 1st check and to avoid paying new plan check fees, please provide the following.

  1. The copy of the processed plan check application
  2. Last version of the plans
  3. Supporting documents if any
  4. Last correction list you have been issued by the County
  5. Your replies to the correction list