Emergency Preparedness Updated: Apr 5, 2022


Victor Marin
Battalion Chief
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Disasters can happen anywhere and at any time.  At one time or another, our community will be touched by an emergency or disaster.  By creating emergency supplies kits and emergency plans in advance, businesses and residents will be prepared in the event of an emergency and enhance their ability to recover.  "It is vital that Americans take steps to prepare for emergencies at home, work or school," said Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff.  "Personal preparedness is paramount to effectively reacting to the effects of a disaster.  By preparing yourself, your family, and your business, you allow first responders to prioritize efforts and aid."

Whether at home, work, or school you can prepare for an emergency by creating an emergency plan and getting an emergency supplies kit.  Plan in advance what you will do for the most likely emergencies.  Think of everything you might need in an emergency if you were at home for 72 hours.  Consider emergency supplies kits that you can keep at home, and in your office or car.

In addition to having an emergency plan and kit, the three most important steps to prepare your business for an emergency is to:
PLAN to stay in business;
TALK with your people;
PROTECT your investment.

You can download emergency plans and an emergency supplies kit checklist by clicking on the following:

Family Emergency Plan

Business Emergency Plan

Emergency Supplies Kit Checklist

For more information:

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