Disabled and Special Needs

For People with Disabilities

• Create a support network to help in an emergency.
• Tell these people where you keep your emergency supplies.
• Give one member of your support network a key to your house or apartment.
• Contact your city or county government's emergency information management office. Many local offices keep lists of people with disabilities so they can be located quickly in a sudden emergency.
• Wear medical alert tags or bracelets to help identify your disability.
• If you are dependent on dialysis or other life sustaining treatment, know the location and availability of more than one facility.
• Show others how to operate your wheelchair.
• Know the size and weight of your wheelchair, in addition to whether or not it is collapsible, in case it has to be transported.

Additional Supplies for People with Disabilities

• Prescription medicines, list of medications including dosage, list of any allergies.
• Extra eyeglasses and hearing-aid batteries.
• Extra wheelchair batteries, oxygen.
• Keep a list of the style and serial number of medical devices.
• Medical insurance and Medicare cards.
• List of doctors, relatives or friends who should be notified if you are hurt.