Emergency Medical Services

Beyond the usual duties of firefighting, the Santa Fe Springs Fire Department offers its citizens firefighters who are highly trained to deliver Emergency Medical Services. The minimum level of medical training is Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). This training ensures that our firefighters can perform functions such as CPR, basic airway procedures, splinting, and emergency childbirth. The EMT's can begin basic life saving measures as well as provide assistance to additional individuals that will provide the next level of emergency care.

The next level of medical care is performed by our Paramedics. Paramedics carry out advanced life support procedures. These procedures include administering a variety of medications, establishing intravenous lines, cardiac monitoring, advanced airway procedures, and recognition of serious medical and trauma emergencies through a physical assessment. Each fire apparatus is staffed with 3 Firefighter/EMT's. One engine company is staffed with 4 personnel, 2 of which are paramedics.