Environmental Protection Fact Sheets

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Aboveground Storage Tanks


Aboveground Petroleum Storage Act (CalFire) 

Aboveground Storage Tank Installation Fact Sheet

Aboveground Storage Tank Closure application package


California Accidental Release Prevention Program (CalARP)

CalARP Fact Sheet


RMP Submit Application (Software) (45.84 MB)



Storm Water Fact Sheet - Industrial

Storm Water fact sheet commercial

California Stormwater Quality Association BMP Handbook

 Los Angeles County Department of Public Works BMPs for Industrial and Commercial Facilities


Underground Storage Tanks (UST)

Underground Storage Tank Fact Sheet- Not available at this time-Currently being updated.


Hazardous Waste

There are many fact sheets on a variety of hazardous waste topics on the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) web site.

DTSC Publications and Forms 

DTSC Managing Hazardous Waste

Onsite Tiered Permitting Flowchart (DTSC Publication)




Environmental Protection Ordinance, Santa Fe Springs Municipal Code

Environmental Protection Division Fee Schedule 2020-21

Request for Site Information


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