Community Services

Department of Community Services

The Department of Community Services is comprised of three multidisciplinary and integrated divisions, which include the Divisions of:

Family & Human Services Division

The Family & Human Services (FHS) Division provides essential human services to both City and business residents in Santa Fe Springs.  The FHS Division is committed to the development of programs that enhance the social, mental, physical and intellectual abilities of children, families and older adults in our community and to ensure the success of Santa Fe Springs families.  It cultivates and promotes the importance of family unity, health and wellness and inter-generational connections. 

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Library & Cultural Services Division

The Library and Cultural Services Division works collaboratively in an integrated services approach to meet the educational, leisure, and cultural needs of residents in Santa Fe Springs. Amongst the traditional program offerings found in a public library, the Division of Library and Cultural Services takes great pride in the management of the City’s public art and historical collection while striving to maximize the use of the City museum and facilities found at Heritage Park and the Sculpture Garden. The City Library is also responsible for managing assets and reference responsibilities; non-traditional cultural programs such as First Friday, literacy projects and Cafe Libro. The Library has a total circulation of 145,000 materials and 26,400 registered borrowers.

Parks & Recreation Services Division

The Parks and Recreation Services Division serves as a main artery for the community, providing recreation and leisure activities to stimulate and create physical and emotional growth for all residents of Santa Fe Springs. This is accomplished through many activities and special events, focusing on cultural enrichment, but primarily through year long programs of youth and adult sports, recreational classes, day camp programs, aquatic classes, the batting cages, youth and adult hockey leagues, Teen Programs, and the Activity Center.

In a collaborative and interdependent approach, the Department of Community Services provides a wide array of program offerings and services to Santa Fe Springs residents. Its mission is to continually assess the educational, cultural, and social needs of the community and design Library, Recreation, and Social Services Programs to meet these needs; provide these services in a professional, courteous, and ethical manner; strive to meet the needs of the physically and mentally-challenged individuals and their families; promote the value of the ethnic and cultural diversity of the community; foster volunteerism; and join other departments to carry forth the City's mission.

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