Program Information

The Heritage Artwork in Public Places Program was established in 1989. As of 2008, there are 71 pieces of art on display throughout the City. In keeping with the City’s rich history, original artwork centers around four periods: Native American, Spanish/Mexican, Turn-of-the-Century Ranching and the Industrial/Modern.

Developers may choose to support art education in lieu of public art. These funds are used to support a variety of children-oriented public art events including, but not limited to, live theater, music and dance festivals, museum activities, and arts education.

Once a completed application is submitted to the Heritage Arts Advisory Committee, it is reviewed by the committee and delivered to City Council for final action. Once approval is given, the building permit is issued. The Certificate of Occupancy is issued upon complete installation of the art piece.

Program Requirements

In-Lieu Contributions

Verification of Value of Art Piece

Application Steps

Assistance with Art Selection

Documents in Developer's Handbook

Introduction - Section I

Developer Guide - Section II

Administrative Guidelines - Section III

Donation Policy - Section IV

Deaccessioning Works of Art - Section V

Ordinance NO 1054 - Section VI

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