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Measure S: Oil-Production Tax Measure on November Ballot

The City of Santa Fe Springs has prided itself on its excellent quality of life and business-friendly environment.  While we are committed to continuing to provide you with the quality public safety, senior, youth and other essential programs our community needs, our effort to do so only gets more challenging due to the slowly recovering economy and continued money grabs from Sacramento.

Over the past 5years, Sacramento has taken millions and millions of funding from our City.  Last year alone, they seized $20 million in economic redevelopment funds when they eliminated a funding source that many California cities--including ours—have used to implement essential economic revitalization or anti-blight projects.

That's why the Santa Fe Springs City Council recently took action to place Measure S on the ballot for the upcoming November election.  The Measure provides a reliable source of local funding that can’t be taken by Sacramento.  If enacted, every dime generated by Measure S must be spent locally for the benefit of the
Santa Fe Springs community, not for other purposes.

Measure S is not a tax on Santa Fe Springs’ residents or the greater business community.  Only oil companies extracting crude oil within our City limits will pay their fair share of business taxes under this measure.  Oil companies have made billions drilling from Santa Fe Springs wells, but for over 20 years have paid just20 cents per barrel in taxes—one of the lowest rates in California – a rate that hasn’t changed for more than two decades.

The Oil Production Measure simply updates the oil companies’ tax rate, generating the additional funding necessary for the essential Santa Fe Springs services the community needs to continue to:

-Maintain rapid 9-1-1 response times

-Maintain the number of police officers proactively patrolling neighborhoods, parks/schools

-Keep adequate firefighter/paramedic staffing levels

-Maintain the City’s ability to respond quickly and effectively to natural disasters such as earthquakes

-Preserve youth after-school recreation, anti-gang and anti-drug prevention programs

-Continue health, nutrition, and transportation programs for local seniors

Consistent with our City’s traditional of fiscal accountability, all funds generated by the Oil Production Measure  will continue to be subject to annual independent audits and the highest standards of prudent financial management.

Measure S is designed to protect the 9-1-1, police, fire, and the essential community services our constituents rely on, with no increase in property taxes.

Measure S ensures that everyone pays their fair share, without raising taxes on our residents or our greater business community.  This Measure will appear on your City of Santa Fe Springs November 2013 ballot.  For more information about voting this November or the actual text of the Measure, contact the City Clerk at
868-0511, Ext. 7314.

Measure S - Frequently Asked Questions