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Resources for Elementary School Students

AAA Math
A teacher-created site to help teachers find resources more quickly. Contains lessons, thematic units, worksheets, etc.

Cool Math for Kids
A gateway that offers some of the most popular teacher sites on the web.

Math is Fun
A site that offers information, interactive quizes, games, and puzzles.


Virtual Body
A wonderful site in English and Spanish that gives information on the human body and shows parts of the body in action.

The History of Invention
Click on some of the inventions to get information on how and why things are invented.

The Nine Planets
Looking up at the heavens? Get more info on our eight planets (and Pluto) on this site.

Enchanted Learning - Animals, geography, and so much more.

National Geographic Kids - Animals, countries, and some fun games!

Biology for Kids - Features an animal database, and info on the human body.

Animal Planet - Great info on pets and wild animals -- fun videos to watch, too!

Social Studies

California Missions
This site has great history information and photographs of the California missions.

Presidents of the United States and the White House
Both sites have information on the Presidents featuring biographies, speeches, and fast facts.

The Oregon Trail
This website offers everything you need to know about the Oregon Trail and migration across the country.

America's Library
Information from the Library of Congress on famous Americans and American history.

Social Studies for Kids
Choose from a list of subjects to find exactly the information you need.

Symbols of Our Government
This site gives information on buildings, memorials, symbols, and songs associated with our nation.

Language Arts

Utah Education Network
This website offers activities and games for writing, grammar, and vocabulary.