Clarke Estate

Clarke Estate
10211 Pioneer Boulevard
(562) 863-4896 or (562) 868-3876
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  The Clarke Estate will be closed due to storm damage and renovations until further notice.

Please call the Parks & Recreation Division office
at 562-863-4896 with any questions or concerns


The capacity of the estate is 2 - 30 for indoor events and meetings, and 300 for outdoor events. The Clarke Estate kitchen is equipped for large catering needs.

Rates for events vary depending on the number of guests and location used.

For further inquires or pricing information, please contact the Clarke Estate at (562) 868-3876 or Parks and Recreation Services Division Office at (562) 863-4896.


Clarke Estate Photos

The Clarke Estate is a historic landmark and was designed by renowned architect Irving Gill. It is an elegant site for outdoor weddings, receptions, and special adult events.

View beautiful photographs of weddings celebrated at Clarke Estate