2015 City Council Election

The City Clerk’s Office is responsible for administering the City’s General Municipal and Special Elections for both Candidates and Measures and for processing petitions relating to initiatives, recalls, and referendums.
The City of Santa Fe Springs holds General Municipal Elections on the first Monday after the first Tuesday of odd-numbered years to elect at-large members of the City Council.  There are five members of the City Council.  The term for City Council is four years.  Two seats are elected in one election and three seats are elected in the next election. The Mayor is a rotational position held by one of the current City Council Members.  The City’s next election will be held on Tuesday, November 3, 2015 for two Council seats.

Candidates for the Santa Fe Springs City Council must be registered voters in the County of Los Angeles and reside in Santa Fe Springs at the time nomination papers are issued.

The nomination period for City Council is July 13 through August 7, 2015, unless an incumbent does not file nomination papers by that date.  In such case, the nomination period will be extended to August 12, 2015.  Nomination papers can be obtained by appointment in the City Clerk’s Office.  Please call (562) 868-0511, Ext. 7314 to schedule an appointment.


Voter registration forms may be obtained at the Santa Fe Springs City Hall, Library, and Gus Velasco Neighborhood Center or from the Office of the County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk.  Online registration and voter information, including polling locations, is available at http://www.lavote.net/.

To be eligible to vote in California you must:

  • Be a United States Citizen
  • Be at least 18 years of age on or before the date of the election
  • Be a resident of the State of California
  • Not be in prison or on parole for a felony conviction.

For additional election and campaign information, please visit: 

California Secretary of State – http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/elections_vr.htm.
California Fair Political Practices Commission – http://www.fppc.ca.gov/.